China’s gold medals at DAWA 2015

China's Gold Medals at Decante Asia Wine Awards
NV Chandon Brut Bronze China Ningxia
2013 Château Global Jade Spring Xixia King Cabernet Gernischt
2008 Château Hansen Cabernet Gernischt
2013 Château Hogan Leirenshou
2012 Château Junding Oriental
2012 Château Leirenshou Lux Regis R6
2013 Château Pushang Domaine Pu Shang Cabernet Sauvignon
2013 Château Pushang Marselan Dry
2013 Château Rongzi Etiquette Jaune
2013 Château Septembre, Lan Shan Jade Cabernet Sauvignon
2013 Château Yunmo Cabernet Franc
2012 Château Yuquan of Xixiaking Luxury Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
2013 Château Yuquan Of Xixiaking Master's Italian Riesling
2014 Château Zhihui Yuanshi Shi Dai
2013 Château Zhihui Yuanshi Son Of Mountain
2013 Giantmonte La Lune
2013 Greatwall Merlot
2012 Greatwall 3 Star Cabernet Sauvignon
2013 Hansen Winery Cabernet Sauvignon
2013 Hansen Winery Helan Shan Donglu
2012 Heilongjiang Luyuan Winery Fenhe Château
2014 Helan Qingxue Vineyard Jia Bei Lan Rosé Rosé
2012 Ho-Lan Soul Organic Cabernet Sauvignon
2014 Ho-Lan Soul Organic Italian Riesling
2012 Ho-Lan Soul Organic Syrah 

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